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TapFits - Tap Phone Workout

TapFitsRecent studies show that fidgeting and tapping helps burn an extra 300 to 2,000 calories a day! That's how Tap Fits was born! We've created this new exercise that gets you into the habit of tapping and fidgeting to promote a healthier lifestyle. Each tap is counted and stored to keep track of your progress. Tap Fits promotes NEAT (nonexercise activity thermogenesis) by keeping track of your taps and rewarding you for your progress. Share your awards on social media with your friends. Download Now!

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Capture Gifs and write text on them with Gifmemes

GifmemesGifmemes is a Gulf Coast Application, LLC project that has been in the pipeline for a while now. We are proud to say that we launched this new software on November 26th, 2014. Without having to use Photoshop or other fancy photo editors you can record any video on your computer and save as a Gif. Then take these Gifs and write text on them to make your own memes. We are already working onimprovements to the software, all registered users are eligible for upgrades!

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Chopped and Screwed Music - Screwlab.com

screwlabScrewlab.com is our featured software that has been on the market since 2002. Screwlab is a DJ software that allows the user to slow down and mix up their music. The genre is referred to as screwed and chopped music that is popular in the southern United State. There are two different titles on the market right now, one has more features than the other. If you register the one with the most features, as a bonus you receive the other software title as well as two audio editing software programs, for free!

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Internet Marketing - TargetMySite.com

TargetMySite.com has just been re-designed and re-launched. More clients equals more success stories! References available and phone support gives clients a chance to ask more questions and stay closer in touch with the entire timeline of their project.

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MP3 Audio Tools - MP3 Audio Tools.com

Rip CDs to MP3s using this Windows software and also burn MP3s to CDs. This software was developed to be used with Screwlab and is licensed freely to Screwlab registrants.

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Easy MP3 Recorder - EasyMp3Recorder.com

Record any sound on your computer with this software. Developed and launched back in 2008, still holding up strong!

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Internet Marketing Tools

These are sites that we can create to target areas more thorougly. These are designed to bring in traffic working in conjunction with PPC advertising. Our SearchEngineMarketing skills are intense, strictly following the latest guidelines to ensure ad efficiency.

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